Playing field & tennis Court

About the playing field
& tennis court

Coombe Playing Field & Tennis Court are run by Coombe Community Trust but have a separate committee. The trust aims to maintain the facilities in good and safe condition. We endeavour to look after the equipment and keep the field tidy and safe, and maintain the tennis court.

Situated just a short walk from the hall, the court and playing field are ideally located in the village. Play equipment is suitable for children under the age of 11. Dogs are not allowed on the playing field.

The trust is supported by an annual grant from the parish council but this is not enough to cover all of the costs, so the trustees organise annual fundraising events to cover the shortfall. To play on the tennis court just turn up on the hour and it is a £1 fee per person per hour. Please remember to pay as this income helps towards the running costs. We ask that you wear soft shoes and vacate the court on the hour if people are waiting to play.

If you have any queries about the playing field or tennis court please email